Expertise in genomic technologies is now essential for high-quality life science research.
These technologies are still evolving very rapidly and therefore require in-depth, continuous training to ensure high-quality analyses and results. To address these challenges, GenoScreen has used its in-house skills to develop cutting-edge training courses in all fields of genomic analysis.

The GenoScreen advantage

    • Proprietary training content.
    • Customized programs and teaching methods, to match your objectives.
    • Active, participatory training courses delivered by experts, for rapid, efficient implementation in practice.
    • Individual or group training courses (up to 12 people).

GenoScreen is an accredited training organization (reference: 31 59 06657 59 DRTEFP, Lille, France). All our training courses are eligible for inclusion in France’s personal and professional training schemes.

GenoScreen’s service offering

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Duration of training courses

NGS Data Quality Control - Ref : GFBQCN 1/2 day
De novo assembly - Ref: GFBASN 1/2 day
BLAST Mastery - Ref: GFBMBBB 1/2 day
Search for genetic variants - Ref: GFBMUT 1 day
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