For a cost effective and responsive offer, GenoScreen proposes "Ready to Load" sequencing services for a wide range of libraries: a real research accelerator giving the opportunity to perform on last generation technical platform with advanced expertise.


"Ready-to-load" applications are available for mainly all of GenoScreen’s sequencing services:

GenoScreen - Services provided

"Ready-to-load" sequencing is performed on latest-generation technical facilities: Illumina HiSeq®2500, MiSeq®, NextSeq®500 and HiSeq®4000 systems in paired-end or single-end runs of 50 to 250 bp.

GenoScreen performs quality control on the libraries with bioAnalyzer and fluorimetric assays. GenoScreen can also ensure the pooling of the sequencing libraries, if required.

We accept different types of librairies:

  • TruSeq.
  • Nextera(-XT).
  • Amplicons.
  • RADseq or ddRADseq with index and Illumina adaptors.

For the other types of librairies, please contact us.

The results

  • Raw sequences (FastQ files) and quality control results after demultiplexing.
  • Quality reports, including the number of reads obtained, the number of reads after application of quality filters, and the coverage obtained.
  • The results are transferred to a secure FTP server or an external hard disk.

GenoScreen's assets

  • Cutting-edge technical facilities.
  • A top-of-the-range service at a keen price.
  • Responsiveness.


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