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GenoScreen offers whole-genome analyses that can detect novel genotype-phenotype associations or known genetic variants.

This technique is based on the detection of a change in a single pair of nucleotides at a particular position. Starting from samples of organic matter, SNP analysis can be used to identify genotypes (people, for example) or build family trees for people or species.

Depending on the number of SNPs studied and the number of samples, GenoScreen can develop additional approaches that address your objectives (TaqMan/KASPar, Fluidigm, Sanger sequencing, etc.):

  • NGS for whole-genome analyses (studies of populations or associations and genomic selection)
  • Fluidigm Biomark, NGS  and microarrays for genotyping a gene (candidate regions)
  • Real-time PCR and Sanger sequencing for analyzing specific individual SNPs (in pharmacogenetics and diagnostics).

For new SNP discovery, GenoScreen offers RAD-Seq approaches. This technology reduces the complexity of the analyses and scans a small fraction (0.1-10%) of a selected genome, for genotyping and/or genetic marker discovery.

The analysis of high-throughput sequencing data enables the identification of a large quantity of genetic variants (such as SNPs).

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