Molecular metagenomics is used to analyze a community of organisms as a whole; as such, it provides an exhaustive assessment of a complex ecological niche. It is a powerful, innovative approach for characterizing the genes and thus the biological functions in a given microbiome.

In contrast to targeted (profiling) approaches that examine specific, short regions of ribosomal genes, metagenomics is based on the full sequencing of the DNA extracted from a sample (shotgun sequencing).
Metagenomics requires a huge sequencing coverage per sample. This is a limitation for studies of large cohorts, but it provides valuable additional information when profiling a representative subgroup.

Metagenomics has many advantages:

  • Removal of the bias associated with PCR approaches
  • Culture-free analysis and direct sequencing of microorganisms
  • The functional description of a whole ecosystem


Metagenomics provides an exhaustive analysis of the taxonomic composition of a community of organisms. It provides precise information on the community’s diversity and specific genetic characteristics.
In credit to this direct genetic analysis of microbial communities, metagenomics can also be used to identify new enzymes (biocatalysts) for pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial and environmental applications.

Metagenomics and human health

Metagenomics is a very well suited solution in diagnosis, evaluation of antibiotic resistance and virus detection, amongst other topics.
It delivers precised solutions in oncology, gastroenterology, dermatology, urology and pulmonology.

Metagenomics and the environment

In credit to its very detailed analysis of microbial communities present in the natural environment, metagenomics can be applied to the analysis of water quality, the development of biofuels and agrochemical products, soil remediation and the development of new practices in agriculture and animal husbandry.

GenoScreen - Services provided

GenoScreen’s standardized methods for metagenomic analysis are able to address all the different aspects of your project. By combining low-, medium- and/or high-coverage sequencing with library preparation (with or without a PCR step), we can offer the solution that best meets your needs.
GenoScreen guarantees the quality of its data produced and uses its exclusive WHORMSS® software to generate a detailed set of results.

GenoScreen's assets 

  • A dedicated team of expert scientists for each project.
  • Assistance with developing the experimental plan and the sequencing strategy.
  • Massive whole metagenome sequencing capacity.
  • Exclusive bioinformatics tools.
  • Cutting-edge scientific expertise for data exploitation (specially in the field of microbiology).


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