Deeplex® Myc-Lep is an innovative culture-free solution for the prediction of Mycobacterium leprae drug resistance. Directly usable on DNA extracted from skin biopsies and slit-skin smears, it uses targeted next generation sequencing (tNGS) to simultaneously predict (hetero-)resistance of M. leprae to anti-leprosy drugs and identify strain type for epidemiological tracking.


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Available as a kit or as a service, Deeplex® Myc-Lep represents a complete solution which facilitates the management of patients with leprosy and enables the control and monitoring of antibiotic-resistant M. leprae strains.

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Deeplex Myc Lep Steps

Deeplex® Myc-Lep Workflow

  • Extraction of DNA from a clinical sample (step not included in the kit)
  • A single-reaction multiplex PCR performed to amplify:
    • 7 drug resistance-associated leprae genes
    • 1 gene for mycobacterial identification (hsp65)
    • 18 canonical SNPs
    • 11 core VNTR markers
  • PCR product clean-up and library preparation prior to sequencing
  • Sequencing data analysis using our automated pipeline


Upon request, the Deeplex® Myc-Lep assay can be performed on your samples at GenoScreen. This service includes all steps, from DNA extraction (optional), to the reporting of results.

Get fast, easy-to-interpret results for effective management of patients infected with leprosy.


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