Gene expression is a major field of investigation with the goal of a better understanding of the mechanisms of action that underlie a cell’s behavior. GenoScreen offers a comprehensive range of differential genomics analyses, so that you can identify biomarkers of interest.

Applications of differencial genomics

RNA-Seq technologies provide the differential expression analysis of an entire genome in an organism and the comparison of the level of gene expression between two conditions, for the research of biomarkers of interest :

  • Comparisons of healthy and diseased tissues.
  • Comparisons of cell behavior in two different environments (as a function of nutrition, stress, pollution, etc.)
  • Comparisons of cell behavior at different stages of biological development.

This exhaustive approach has several advantages:

  • No requirement for prior knowledge of the organism being studied.
  • Whole-transcriptome analysis, hypothesis-free on the genes of interest.
  • The ability to use sequencing data to generate a transcriptome de novo.
  • Analysis of natural antisense transcripts (NATs).

GenoScreen - Differencial genomics services provided

Our teams offer comprehensive and personalized support:

  • Assistance with study design
  • RNA purification
  • Library preparation and sequencing
  • Pooling and sequencing
  • Bioinformatics analysis

GenoScreen's assets

  • Full-service provision from study design to bioinformatics analysis of the results.
  • Optimized protocols for maximizing sensitivity, reliability, and reproducibility.
  • Precise summary reports, detailing the most significant differences.

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