Since 2008, GenoScreen offers a full range of next-generation sequencing (NGS) services in application to genomes, metagenomes and transcriptomes.

GenoScreen has cutting-edge technical facilities, giving you access to the latest technologies (Illumina, PacBio, etc.).

GenoScreen - Services provided

  • Whole-genome sequencing (WGS)
    New sequencing technologies available at GenoScreen offer the opportunity to analyse the entire primary structure of an isolated organism genome, whether eukaryotic, prokaryotic or viral. The analysis of data obtained allows to precisely characterize and describe any type of organisation and thus responds to a large panel of research problems.
  • Metagenomics
    Metagenomics molecular approaches allows to analyse a community of organisms as a whole and to study a complex ecological niche exhaustively: a powerful and innovative approach to characterize the genes and, therefore, the biological functions carried by these microbiomes.
  • Targeted sequencing
    Targeted sequencing allows specific analysis of targeted genes (or gene regions) on many samples in parallel. With NGS sequencing on MiSeq®, NextSeq500® or Hiseq® platforms, multiple genes can be evaluated with a smaller data volume, which is easier to manage and analyse than WGS datas.
  • Transcriptomics
    High-throughput transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq) has revolutionised prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms quantitative and qualitative analyses. It allows, in particular, to perform differential expression analyses. 
  • Ready to load
    For a cost effective and responsive offer, GenoScreen proposes "Ready to Load" sequencing services for a wide range of libraries: a real research accelerator giving the opportunity to perform on last generation technical platform with advanced expertise.

The GenoScreen's assets

  • A full range of NGS services
  • Expert analysis and advice on the design of each analysis
  • Unique expertise in microbiology
  • High-quality data
  • Exclusive bioinformatics tools: assembly, annotation, SNP detection, etc.
  • Guaranteed short delay time
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