GenoScreen has developed a cutting-edge molecular biology laboratory for the exploitation and the analysis of DNA. Our teams work with a wide range of technologies in order to perform optimized, quality-controlled analyses.

Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technical facilities and the latest generation of automated systems (from Illumina, Applied Biosystems® - Life Technologies, Tecan, Hamilton, Opentrons...)

GenoScreen also has access to a high-security P3 laboratory for handling BSL2 and BSL3 pathogens (Anthrax, BSE, West Nile virus, SARS, tuberculosis, typhus, yellow fever...)

Sanger sequencing

3730XL capillary sequencers (Applied Biosystems®)

High-throughput NGS platforms

Access to all platforms based on Illumina technology (Miseq, Novaseq, etc.)

Third-generation sequencing platform

Quantitative PCR and genotyping platform

7900 HT (Applied Biosystem)

Bioinformatics tools

Through its servers, GenoScreen has its own computing power of several hundred logical processors. Through the development of software suites and pipelines, our bioinformaticians have built automated genomic and metagenomic analysis pipelines for robust, rapid and comprehensive analysis, based on our reference software suites:

  • Deeplex® software suite for the study of isolated microorganisms,
  • Taxonomic classification,
  • Functional metagenomics,
  • Metatranscriptomics,
  • De novo assembly,
  • Differential gene expression analysis,
  • Variant search (SNPs, Indels, structural variants),
  • Phylogeny,
  • Search for genes of interest.
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