Gene expression analysis provides powerful and precised tools for a better understanding of biological phenomena. It is notably used to investigate molecular mechanisms of action, pathophysiological phenomena...


Our services address a wide range of research objectives:

  • Quantification of gene expression and gene transcript levels.
  • Analysis of molecular mechanisms of action.
  • Biochip quality control and validation.

GenoScreen - Services provided

GenoScreen supports your R&D groups to analyze gene expression in detail, whatever your research objective is.

Our teams use real-time quantitative PCR techniques to analyze gene expression:

  • The absolute quantification which allows to measure of gene expression in uncharacterized samples by comparison with a standard range (i.e. a calibration curve).
  • The relative quantification which allows to compare gene expression levels in two different samples.

Our gene expression analysis services are based either on a pre-formatted or a custom TaqMan® design running on an ABI 7900HT system and starting from DNA or (after reverse transcription into cDNA) RNA.

GenoScreen's assets

  • Comprehensive assistance from extraction to final quantification
  • Significant specialization in gene expression in microbes and bacteria
  • Last-generation technical facilities

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