High-throughput sequencing of the transcriptome (RNA-Seq) has revolutionized the quantitative and qualitative analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms.

RNA-Seq significatively enables differential expression analyses:

  • Measurement of the relative abundance of transcripts.
  • Identification of the genes expressed differentially in various groups (tissues, treatments, etc.)


Transcriptome sequencing provides a complete, objective analysis of messenger RNAs:

  • Differential expression: assessment of variations in the expression of several transcriptomes.
  • Annotation of a transcriptome against a reference database.
  • Identification of all specific sequences of the studied transcriptome.
  • SNP analysis.

GenoScreen - Services provided

Two methods are used to enrich the RNA fraction of interest (mRNA) prior to cDNA synthesis and library preparation:

  • Poly(A) capture (for eukaryotic total RNA).
  • RNA depletion (via capture with complementary probes) and mRNA enrichment (for prokaryotic or eukaryotic total RNA).

Most of our RNA-Seq libraries are sequenced on Illumina® HiSeq®4000 systems.

GenoScreen's assets

  • A dedicated team of scientists for each project.
  • Assistance with elaborating the experimental plan and sequencing strategy.
  • RNA extraction, quantification, purification, and quality control.
  • Assistance with data management and interpretation of the results.
  • Analysis of differential expression in the absence of a reference genome.


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