Targeted sequencing allows specific analysis of targeted genes (or gene regions) on many samples in parallel. With NGS sequencing on MiSeq®, NextSeq500® or Hiseq® platforms, multiple genes can be evaluated with a smaller data volume, which is easier to manage and analyse than WGS datas.


Sequencing or targeted resequencing can achieve very specific objectives:

  • Screening of genomic regions of interest.
  • Complete coverage of coding regions, with a limited volume of genomic data.
  • Analysis of microbial genes.

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Amplicon sequencing

A number of the target regions are amplified by PCR, using the initially defined specific primers. The amplicons obtained are then sequenced by NGS, following the addition of sequencing adaptors. Multiplexing approaches enable us to sequence several amplicons from different samples in parallel.

The Metabiote® solution

Metabiote® is a dedicated, innovative, optimized, standardized solution developed by GenoScreen. It integrates targeted metagenomic analysis of microbial communities.

  • A library preparation methodology that limits between-sample bias.
  • A diverse range of targets:
    • bacterial targets: 16S rDNA
    • fungal targets: 18S, ITS1 and/or ITS2 rDNA
  • A bioinformatics pipeline that has been optimized and automated for high-precision analyses, easy comparisons and statistical analyses, and a high degree of responsiveness.

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Exome sequencing

This type of sequencing is essentially used to:

  • Screen for mutations in genes involved in regulatory pathways
  • Screen for mutations (SNPs, indels, etc.) associated with a particular disease (cancer, coagulopathies, etc.).

We use the NimbleGen SeqCap EZ protocol (Roche) for exome sequencing.

Personalized sequencing

After custom probe design, your regions of interest are enriched prior to sequencing which simplifies the subsequent data analysis. This protocol can be set up for any organism with an available reference genome.

GenoScreen's assets

  • A dedicated team of scientists for each project.
  • Comprehensive support with the elaboration of an experimental plan and project implementation.
  • Assistance with data handling and interpretation of the results.


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