Increasing agricultural production, improving the value and nutritional qualities of food, ensuring food safety and reducing their environmental impact: the agricultural and agrifood markets are facing major technological challenges worldwide. 


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Genomics is used to characterize living organisms and it enables researchers to analyze and understand many of the processes linked to food production: the quality and quantity of raw materials, the genetic evolution of species, soil quality for crops, feed quality for livestock, etc.


Genomics now provides innovative, relevant solutions to suit the needs of this market:

  • Developing crop resistance to diseases, parasites, extreme weather conditions...
  • Improving the nutritive qualities of crops.
  • Limiting the health impact of biopesticides.
  • Improving the digestibility of animal feeding products.
  • Creating traceability tools for food, crop and livestock production.

GenoScreen - Services provided

GenoScreen has developed specific genomics and bioinformatics services for the animal husbandry, nutrition and agrifood sectors:


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Genomics services for agriculture
Genomic solutions for animal breeding


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