Genomics is now an essential technology in healthcare research. As such, GenoScreen is a preferred partner that adds value through the quality of its analyses, its metagenomics skills and its expertise in microbiology.

Infectious diseases

GenoScreen is developing a wide range of services for the genome-based characterization of bacterial pathogens (genome structure, virulence genes, antibiotic resistance, etc.):

Our researchers’ expertise in microbiology is illustrated by the development of several innovative solutions in this sector, such as the MIRU-VNTR kits for typing and monitoring Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains, and the Deeplex®-TB solution for the detection and surveillance of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis strains.


Metagenomics can notably be used to study the intestinal microbiota, which has various impacts on human health. These analyses are opening up new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the management of obesity, diabetes and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, amongst others.

The Metabiote® and WHORMSS® solutions developed by GenoScreen are comprehensive, ready-to-go solutions for all metagenomics studies.

Personalized medicine and biomarkers

GenoScreen’s genomics services can be used to discover biomarkers for application in diagnostics and personalized medicine:

  • The identification and analysis of molecular biomarkers involved in mechanisms of interest.
  • The development of targeted treatment strategies.
  • The development of genomic profiles for implementing personalized medicine.


Oncology research can draw upon whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing for the characterization of specific mutations or other biomarkers. Genomic analysis can also be used in clinical trials.

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Oncology research can draw upon whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing 

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