Credit to its cutting-edge technological know-how, GenoScreen is now the leader worldwide in genotyping and tracking of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains (the agent reponsible for tuberculosis).
The MIRU-VNTR solution developed by our teams is used as a kit or a service by many healthcare centers and research groups.
A complementary spoligotyping approach is also available for identifying sub-species.

We propose kits and training courses for the implementation and an optimized use of the MIRU-VNTR method on Applied Biosystems® and QIAGEN® sequencers in your hospital or lab.


  • Research: strain population structure, evolution and comparative virulence
  • Public health: tuberculosis control and surveillance
  • Clinical trials: the distinction between true relapse and exogenous infection in case of treatment failure
  • Clinical management: detection of cross-contamination in the laboratory and clonal complexity

The portfolio

GenoScreen’s technology has been deployed as a full range of products, addressing all the key issues:

  • The 24-locus MIRU-VNTR typing kit : based on the international 24-marker system - 100 tests – runs on an Applied Biosystems® platform.
  • The hypervariable MIRU-VNTR typing kit : for second-line typing of Beijing strains: (4 specific markers - 50 tests) runs on an Applied Biosystems® platform.
  • Calibration kits: a preliminary step required for use of the MIRU-VNTR typing kits on an Applied Biosystems® platform.
  • Training courses:
    • Theory: the principles underlying the MIRU-VNTR typing method
    • Practical aspects: training in the use of MIRU-VNTR kits
    implementation: training in the calibration of ABI sequencers
    data import & analysis: training in the use of GeneMapper® software
    • Data exploitation: training in the use of the MIRU-VNTRplus online analysis tool (
  • The MIRU-VNTR typing service (with a choice of 9, 12, 15 or 24 markers): standard or custom designs, depending on your requirements. Based on extracted DNA (5 μL to 100 ng/uL) or thermolysates (50 μL).

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