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  • Outsource your DNA and/or RNA extractions and benefit from our optimized and standardized protocols.
  • Determine the bacterial, eukaryote and/or fungal biomass in extracted gDNA.
  • Define and characterize the biodiversity of the microbial communities in your samples.
  • Access to the functional potential of microbial communities of interest.
  • Describe and study the microbial communities’ active functions.
  • Detect and quantify specific bacteria of interest and measure changes in their abundance.
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Discover our turnkey solutions:

DNA & RNA extraction

Benefit from our optimized, standardized and reproductible protocols for all types of initial matrix (including negative and positive controls).


Microbial biomass

Estimate the quantity of gDNA corresponding to the microbial community in your samples, by using complex standard curves that are appropriate for your field of interest (intestinal, cutaneous microbiota etc.).



Use a standardized approach for the targeted analysis of ubiquitous genes (16S rRNA, ITS 1/2, 18S rRNA, etc.), in order to:

  • characterize microbial communities and their biodiversity,
  • observe changes in the abundance of taxa of interest.

Shotgun metagenomics

Get an overview of the organisms present in your samples such as:

  • identification down to species
  • calculation of relative abundances and diversity indices
  • functional analyses



Characterize changes in gene expression within microbial communities, in order to better understand their main functions and how they adapt to their environment.


Bacterial counts

Determine or validate changes in the abundance of specific bacteria using qPCR. Ask for a feasability study on your specific target or benefit from our «ready-to-qPCR» assays.



About us

GenoScreen is a French biotech company specialised in genomics and bioinformatics. We offer innovative services and solutions based on the characterization and exploitation of DNA/RNA molecules.

GenoScreen works on all kinds of genomes (Human, animal, plant and microbial) and delivers solutions for research groups from the private and public sectors.

Our microbial expertise continues to deepen since 2008, alongside the development of optimized and standardized, analytical protocols by our R&D team.

As the French leader in this sector, GenoScreen offers solutions that address your needs to characterize and understand microbiota.

Work with GenoScreen and benefit from:

  • Cutting-edge service provision since 2001
  • Personalized interaction with highly qualified staff
  • Dedicated solutions to suit your needs
  • A unique and reliable partner
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