If you are passionate about genomics, GenoScreen offers an exceptional career environment : high-performance technical facilities, an expert team, and a corporate culture focused on quality, innovation and achievement.
As a fast-growing company, GenoScreen is an international market leader and offers career opportunities in a friendly, open environment. 

Welcoming the new employees

Each new staff member receives a welcome booklet providing him/her with the right information related to the organization of the company, the rules of procedure, the company’s health insurance plan… Following each new arrival, an integration program is set up in the first few weeks. This planning enables him/her to have a general insight on the main activities of the company (Sales Department, Communication, Purchase, Quality, HR, RDI, NGS Production, 3730XL Sequencing, Bioninformatics...). This gives the newcomer the possibility to discuss new topics outside his area of activity.

Training policy

The company’s training policy is a guarantee of quality and is improving the skills of the employees. The training allows each employee the benefit of one or several training programs throughout the year. A training rate of around 80% of the workforce and an average of around 20 hours of training per employee has been noticed inside the company. The training needs and the skills assessment are evaluated through personal interviews, then submitted to the management review along with an annual training planning.A training budget is maintained and monitored, in accordance with needs of development of each employee as well as the requirements of each service.

Spontaneous applications

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Our latest career opportunities

Project Manager in Metagenomics

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