Since its foundation in 2001, GenoScreen has been developing DNA analysis services that meet the needs of life science research groups.
The company’s growth is based on constant R&D investment and strong specialization in molecular microbiology.

This growth summarizes three phases:

  • Service provision in genomics and bioinformatics, which enabled us to develop relationships with many life science research groups,
  • The development of R&D activities, in collaboration with leading research groups,
  • The introduction of an innovation strategy, and specialization in international niche markets in molecular microbiology.

This development pathway has enabled GenoScreen to commercialize three types of products/services:


Corporate history

  • 2001 Foundation of GenoScreen / RIO-certified platform
  • 2004 GenoScreen launches its in-house R&D activities / INPI Trophy / Member of the NSL competitiveness cluster / CIR approval
  • 2005 Our export sales account for over 20% of turnover
  • 2006 Our first scientific publication / Filing of the first patent
  • 2007 GenoScreen files a patent application on OTC biomarkers / MIRU M. tuberculosis typing kit launched
  • 2009 Export sales account for over 30% of turnover export / IBISA-certified platform / Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award / Entry into the Oséo excellence community
  • 2010 Launch of the GenoSat® microsatellite library service / Initiation of the MEDIALZ project (Alzheimer’s disease)
  • 2011 Start of the Patho-Ngen-Trace project (FP7) / ISI Innovation and Creativity Awards
  • 2012 Implementation of the EQUIPEX technology platform (French government program) / Optimization of the metagenomics services
  • 2013 Initiation of industrial R&D collaborations
  • 2014 Launch of the MIRU-VNTR kit / Launch of Metabiote®
  • 2015 ISO 9001 Certification
  • 2016 ISO 13485 Certification
  • 2018 DIAMA project (evaluation and validation of the Deeplex® Myc-TB test in Africa and Europe)
  • 2019 Launch of the Deeplex® Myc-TB kit / French soil mapping GenoSol / PEOPLE project
  • 2020 Launch of the Brucella MLVA-16 range / CE-IVD mark for Deeplex® Myc-TB
  • 2021 Launch of the FIND/WHO Seq&Treat project
  • 2022 Partnership with Illumina / Launch of services with Oxford Nanopore Technologies / Export sales reach 42%
  • 2023 GenoBiome® / Deeplex® Myc-Lep / Deeplex® HelP / Partnership with Cerba Healthcare
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