GenoScreen, a pioneering company in genomics and bioinformatics, has developed over the years, a portfolio of activities dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of the DNA molecule.

Multi-specialist provider serving academic and industrial R&D

GenoScreen offers a complete catalog of analytical services in genomics and bioinformatics: sequencing and transcriptome analysis of genomes of all types of organisms and microbial metagenomes.

Our strengths:

  • The professionalism of a team of experienced genomics and bioinformatics experts,
  • Use of sequencing platforms, high and medium throughput,
  • The possession of a computer park that ensures the performance of analyzes and the security of data processed and archived,
  • Advanced expertise in molecular microbiology,
  • Characterization and analysis of microorganisms (all types of strains and microbiota).

Laboratory of high precision analyzes and tests in genomics and microbial metagenomics

GenoScreen carries out genomic tests, inspections and tests with its analysis laboratory operating. The expertise of its teams and the prevalence of collaborative mode bring confidence and security to a diversified clientele (all sizes, all sectors of activity).

Since 2016, our laboratory has been mobilized mainly for analyzes related to the identification and characterization of microorganisms and microbiota acting within organs, organisms or environment.

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A trusted partner to facilitate and accelerate R&D projects

GenoScreen mobilizes its technological resources and its R&D teams to meet the needs of academic and industrial researchers seeking expertise in genomics, metagenomics and bioinformatics.

Our interventions can be carried out as a partner or provider (services eligible for the Research Tax Credit in France). These activities are carried out under the guise of agreements that make it possible to specify the objectives pursued, the methods of carrying out the work and the desired guarantees regarding confidentiality.

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Supplier of solutions and tools dedicated to the detection and analysis of microorganisms

GenoScreen develops optimized solutions for detecting, identifying, characterizing and tracing microorganisms and for analyzing microbiotics of interest for diagnostic or therapeutic projects. The solutions developed concern healthcare, nutrition or environmental professionals.

Two product lines, consisting of a genomic compartment and a software suite, are undergoing continuous development:

  • The Metabiote® product line for the molecular microbiota study
  • The Deeplex® product line for molecular analysis of mycobacteria

GenoScreen also offers advanced training in relation to its expertise (genomics, metagenomics...).

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