Given the fact that molecular analyses of bacterial communities are based on DNA and/or RNA, the extraction of these molecules from the initial sample represents a critical step. The DNA and RNA extraction methods must be as stable and unbiased as possible, because the objective is to study the microbiota inside its initial ecological niche and to obtain the most stable and exhaustive profile possible.

GenoScreen - Services provided

To obtain reliable, precise descriptions of microbiotas and, to reduce bias, GenoScreen has developed standardized, optimized extraction processes for the following microbiotas:

  • Human or animal microbiotas (feces, caecum/ileum samples, skin swabs).
  • Microbiotas in the environment (agricultural soil, polluted soils, rhizospheres).

GenoScreen can also provides support for DNA extraction from various samples, such as skin/intestinal biopsies, oral/nasal swab samples, sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage, surface water, groundwater etc.

GenoScreen's assets

  • 15 years of experience in the extraction of DNA from all types of matrix.
  • Maximized repeatability and reproducibility.
  • Extraction processes specifically optimized for microbiotas.

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