As a complement to targeted approaches (which examine small, specific regions of ribosomal genes), this metagenomics approach is based on the shotgun sequencing of all the DNA extracted from a sample.

This analysis allows to describe the taxonomy, diversity, genes and functional capacities of a community of organisms. It can also, usefully, complement profiling studies (e.g. on a representative sub-group of samples).

Applications of shotgun metagenomics

Shotgun metagenomics can add an important value in developing soil remediation methods, new antibiotics and new enzymes for improved industrial and agricultural processes.

GenoScreen - Metagenomics services provided

GenoScreen provides very flexible analytical services according to your project, your initial matrix and the required sequencing coverage. Depending on your needs, research issues and constraints, you can choose between our low-, medium- and high-throughput whole metagenomics sequencing analyses (WHOMSA®).

Our teams use powerful bioinformatics tools (WHORMSS®) to extract as much value as possible from the huge volume of data collected. These exclusive tools can be adapted to address many different research issues and then provide you with specific answers.

GenoScreen's assets

  • A high flexibility service provider.
  • Complementary targeted and Shotgun metagenomics analyses.
  • A proprietary bioinformatics tool (WHORMSS®).

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