As a market leader for many genomic technologies, GenoScreen’s export activity has developed rapidly. The company now provides its solutions to research groups worldwide.

An international leader

The company sells in over 40 countries.

Turnover breakdown:


Turnover breakdown chart

World-class innovations

Some of GenoScreen’s products and solutions have become international benchmarks:

  • the MIRU-VNTR kits for tuberculosis surveillance.
  • the Metabiote® technique for microbiota analysis.
  • the Deeplex® kit, an all-in-one solution for characterizing Mycobacterium tuberculosis and detecting antibiotic resistance.

A major player in international research programs

GenoScreen’s R&D teams are frequently involved in world-class research programs. This involvement enables the company to establish and develop close relationships with internationally recognized research groups in the healthcare, environmental and nutrition sectors.

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