An expertise in the genomic characterization of microorganisms

As an international specialist in microbial genomics, GenoScreen develops fast and precised solutions for characterizing, tracking and typing isolated microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc.) and analyzing complex microbial florae:

  • Scientific and technological services with a high level of expertise.
  • Research under contract.

These advanced analytical strategies address many research issues in healthcare and environmental sectors. These techniques can identify, track and characterize microorganisms on the individual or community scale in order to understand their positive or negative impacts on health, safety and well-being of humans, animals and environment.


Examples of projects developed by GenoScreen

  • Development of a genomic characterization process for genetically modified bacteria
  • An analysis of the impact of a molecule designed to protect the intestinal microbiota from the effects of antibiotic treatments.
  • Measurement of probiotics and other food complements’ impact on the digestive microbiota of certain farm animals, with the goal of accelerating their development.
  • A study of a balanced microbial flora reestablishment.
  • A study of skin creams impact on the cutaneous microbiota (with GenoBiome® Skin),
  • Tool development of microbial florae metatranscriptomic analysis
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