Molecular Barcoding

Molecular barcoding is a molecular taxonomy technique that can be used to genetically characterize a sample with reference to a gene from the mitochondrial or chloroplast genome.

This application is able to classify individual organisms from unknown species or identify a sample by reference to a database.

Our flexible service offering can be easily adjusted to meet your needs:

  • Sample extraction from various matrices stored in ethanol, propylene glycol, etc.
  • Amplification of a region of the mitochondrial or chloroplast genome (COI, 16S, Cytb, rbcL, matK, etc.) selected as a function of the species being analyzed.
  • Sequencing on an ABI3730XL system.
  • Sequence assembly and alignment against your reference sequence or the NCBI database.


For pure single samples, GenoScreen can offer you its custom Sanger sequencing service.

If your initial matrix is complex, we can offer you metabarcoding with NGS amplicon sequencing.

Our guaranties and strengths:

  • Turn-around in under 2 weeks.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality for your samples and the barcoding results.
  • A dedicated project manager/contact person.


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