Microsatellites libraries and Genotyping

Production of microsatellites libraries
by Next Generation Sequencing

 - A standardized method

Based on high throughput sequencing, this technique* has been validated on more than 400 different species sequenced by Genoscreen.

 - An unequalled efficiency

From 1 µg of genomic DNA, Geno Sat® allows to obtain at least 8 000 raw sequences, 2000 sequences containing microsatellites motifs and 100 bioinformatically validated primers pairs, all in a record time of 2 months.

 - Ready-to-publish data

Our Offer

According to your needs, Genoscreen proposes a simple, attractive and flexible solution declined in 3 options: 


Production of microsatellites markers' library by high throughput pyrosequencing (GS FLX®, Roche Diagnostics®). Obtention of a minimum of 100  bioinformatically validated primers pairs, framing microsatellites motives.




Biological validation of primers pairs generated thanks to Geno Sat® library by PCR
and loading on agarose gel


Polymorphism study of primers pairs biologically validated with labelled markers (6FAM/VIC/NED/PET) and fragments analysis on capillary sequencer (3730XL®, Applied Biosystems®)

 > GENO SAT® PACK PLUS: Microsatellites Genotyping



Genotyping on a large population of samples representing the intra-specific genetic variability
of your species using polymorphic microsatellites markers 

We propose the definition of the optimal conditions for microsatellites analysis: 

  • Multiplexed PCR optimization and pool of PCR products before migration on capillary sequencer
  • Genotyping of samples on capillary sequencer and analysis of associated genotypes - ladder included (GeneScan LIZ 500)
  • Available combinations of fluorophores: 6FAM-VIC-NED-PET
  • Storage of DNA samples during 4 weeks after the results report
  • Confidentiality of information provided and obtained results

We can also take over every single step of our offer individually (Biological validation / Polymorphism study / Development of multiplex / Genotyping of populations with or without analysis)

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information
about GENO SAT

* Process GENOSCREEN – INRA – Montpellier SUPAGRO– Provence university.