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Our experience

  • 15 years of existence and evolution in the field of microbiology
  • A R&D activity for 11 years
  • 7 employees dedicated to research
  • Various and complementary areas of expertise: genomics, microbiology, molecualr biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics,...
  • 2 specialities: Identification and typing of microbial agents and microbial communities analysis
  • Partnership projects carried out with avec scientific reference entities


Identification and typing of microbial agents

Microbial communities analyses



Development of protocols and ultra-sensitive tools for typing of pathogenic bacterial agents and detection of their résistances to antibiotics.


Study of the role of microbiotes and gastrointestinal/pulmonary axis in the respiratory diseases from flu.


Molecular monitoring of infectious agents affecting the animal health.


Development of microbial biomarkers for diagnosis and monitoring of polluted soils.

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In constant interaction with academic research teams, our researchers and engineers develop innovative molecular tools and dedicated solutions.


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