This genotyping technology is based on the detection of microsatellites and their polymorphisms in the genome.

GenoScreen - Services provided

With GenoSat®, GenoScreen provides a standardized, simple, modular solution for producing libraries by high-throughput sequencing, the development of markers of interest and microsatellite genotyping.

GenoScreen’s GenoSat® pack enables you to detect microsatellite regions, validate primer pairs for SSR amplification, choose the most polymorphic microsatellites and, lastly, study these polymorphic sites in the population as a whole.

Our standardized technique, adapted to any eukaryotic species has been applied to over 500 different species for phylogenic studies, biodiversity analyses or conservation programs.

Our approach stands out for its extremely high efficiency. Starting from 1 µg of genomic DNA, GenoSat® can generate at least 100 bioinformatically validated primer pairs that encompass the microsatellite motifs - all in a record time of 2 months.

GenoSat® services

We can also perform each of the subprocesses (biological validation / polymorphism analysis / multiplex development / population genotyping with or without analysis) on request.

We are able to define the optimal conditions for your microsatellite analysis:

  • Development and optimization of multiplexed PCR assays or pools of different PCR products prior to migration.
  • Sample migration on a capillary sequencer and analysis of the resulting profiles.

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