Targeted Metagenomics

Targeted Metagenomics allows you to analyse the genetic content of a complex matrix and to identify the microorganisms from bacterial or eukaryotic origin.
Alternative to the culture of samples, this technological approach has several benefits, including the quick analysis of the microbial flora for all kind of samples: tissue, faeces, saliva, soil samples, water, air, food...

With six years of experience in metagenomics, the GenoScreen team supports you in your projects and answers your needs wathever the nature of your original sample with its innovative solution: MetaBiote®.

Two options are proposed to our partners:
   - MetaBiote® kits
   - MetaBiote® service platform

MetaBiote® kits

You realize by yourself the sequencing operations on a platform 454 Roche and you want to access to a pipeline for your bioinformatics analyses ? 

Choose MetaBiote® kit, a robust, time saving and standardized solution including a libraries preparation kit - MetaBiote® kit - and the access to our dedicated bioinformatics pipeline, MetaBiote® Online:

Discover MetaBiote® Kit

MetaBiote® services platform

You want to outsource all or part of your project?

We take over the realisation of your analyses and make you benefit of our last generation equipment and of our expertise.

 MetaBiote services

Several options  

Diversified targets
   - Bacterial targets: 16S rDNA profiling
   - Fungal targets: 18S, ITS1 and/or ITS2 rDNA profiling
   - Other eukaryotic targets

A flexibility of sequencing
We adapt our offer to the most pertinent sequencing tool according to:
   - your project
   - your deadlines
   - your samples' volume


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