GENO SNP Publications


Featured Publications of Research Using RAD Technology


Baird N, Etter P, Atwood T, Currey M, Shiver A, Lewis Z, Selker E, Cresko W and Johnson E.
Rapid SNP discovery and genetic mapping using sequenced RAD markers


Chutimanitsakun Y, Nipper R, Cuesta-Marcos A, Cistue, L, Corey A, Filichkina T, Johnson E and Hayes, P.
Construction and application for QTL analysis of a Restriction Site Associated DNA (RAD) linkage map in barley
BMC Genomics


Davey J, Hohenlohe P, Etter P, Boone J, Catchen J, and Blaxter L.
Genome-wide genetic marker discovery and genotyping using next-generation sequencing
Nature Reviews Genetics


Barchi L, Lanteri S, Portis E, Acquadro A, Vale G, Toppino L, and Rotino G.
Identification of SNP and SSR markers in eggplant using RAD tag sequencing
BMC Genomics


Stölting K, Nipper N, Lindtke D, Caseys C, Waeber S, Castiglione S, and Lexer C.
Genomic scan for single nucleotide polymorphisms reveals patterns of divergence 
and gene flow between ecologically divergent species
Molecular Ecology