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We provides support for identification of genetic variants such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at any scale and in any species.
The RAD platform technology for discovery efforts allows to tailor the molecular approached used to provide an optimal, cost-efficient solution for any sized project.
The discovery project delivers SNPs that can be successfully translated into a variety of genotyping platforms including Golden Gate™, iPLEX™, KaSP™, and TaqMan™.

Every Discovery Project Includes:

  • Dedicated client support

  • Flexible sample numbers

  • Industry leading QA/QC procedures

  • Optimized RAD library preparation

  • Illumina HiSeq 2500 Sequencing

  • Dedicated bioinformatics analysis with:

    - Sequencing quality control
    - Index demultiplexing
    - De novo assembly
    - Alignment
    - Variant calling

  • 12 to 16 week turn around timeData storage for up to 1 year

  • Data storage for up to 1 year


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Genotyping provides an efficient solution for clients seeking to rapidly identify and genotype large amounts of genetic variation as part of a continuous, integrated project. Historical marker development projects rely upon an initial discovery effort followed by a genotyping phase to fully implement and genotype samples of interest. Our RAD technology eliminates this inefficiency and provides a single process solution for clients interested in streamlined marker development and genotyping. A variety of genotyping services are available to the client, depending on their marker needs and the level of support desired.

Premium Genotyping Package :

  • Custom processing of 24 to 384+ samples (in batches of 8)

  • Support and guidance with project design and layout, with multiple enzyme options.

  • Includes Illumina HiSeq™ sequencing

  • Full bioinformatics support:
    - With sequencing QA/QC
    - Sample demultiplexing
    - Read trimming
    - Alignment
    - Variant (SNP) calling
    - Genotyping analytics

  • Sequence data can be converted into VCF, JoinMap™, IUPAC or other genotyping formats.

  • 12 months of data access16-24 week turn around time


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Value Genotyping Package

Value Genotyping Packages are also available and provide high quality RAD sequence data at low cost. These value projects are designed for scientists who are versed in next-gen sequence analysis and do not require the support a Premium Genotyping package entails.

  • Value Genotyping Package Includes:
  • Batch processing of 95 samples
  • Choice of RAD library preparation with SbfI or PstI
  • Includes library sequencing on single Illumina HiSeq 2500 lane (1x100 bp with ~125 Million reads passing filters)
  • Rapid 12-14 week turn around time


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Which Genotyping Package is Right For Me?

Package Comparison

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Floragenex has extensive experience in analysis of RAD sequence data. Clients interested in interpreting their RAD sequence data can access the power of Floragenex's in-house analytics. Refined over years of testing and analysis of hundreds of projects, we provide the user cutting edge analytical support and customization to help them publish results faster.


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