High Throughput Markers Discovery and Genotyping Solutions
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GENO SNP Servives Advantages :

  • Client Consultation & Project Design with GenoScreen Expert
  • Samples Reception, DNA Quantification & Control Quality
  • RAD-Seq Library Synthesis
  • Association to Data Resulting from Next Generation Sequencing
  • High Throughput Bioinformatics and Data Analysis
  • Quality Results & Actionable Information


Floragenex, our Partner

Floragenex is a Oregon‐based privately owned biotechnology company providing innovative solutions for genomic analysis in the life sciences.

Floragenex specializes in applications using Restriction site Associated DNA Sequencing.
RAD Sequencing (RAD-Seq) is a breakthrough technology enabling to efficiently discover and genotype large amounts of genetic information, in any plant or animal system, at a competitive cost.

Since 2007, Floragenex has delivered impact results in hundreds of genomics studies focused on answering fundamental questions in genetics, ecology, evolutionary biology and biomedical research. With multiple offices located on the US Pacific coast, Floragenex technologies permit investigation of genomes at unprecedented levels for academic, governmental and commercial researchers worldwide.