Genoscreen, more than 15 years of development and innovation

Since 2001, Genoscreen develops and performs innovative genomic services activities on all kind of genomes (human, animal, plant and micro-organisms) to answer the needs of lifesciences research laboratories. The company contributes increasingly to the engineering and realization of many research projects led by academic and industrial teams.

Genoscreen’s research programs, conducted in partnership with research teams of the Institut Pasteur de Lille, the INSERM and the INRA, enabled this last few years to develop new applications in highly competitive fields such as Alzheimer's disease genetics,  micro-organisms molecular typing, biodiversity monitoring...

International expansion

Our expertise enables us to be an international services provider.

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Lille, a center of scientific expertise at the crossroads of Europe

Lille has a strategic position: as the first industrial region of France and the first European university hospital complex, the city's economic dynamism is reinforced by the presence of many clusters, especially in the field of biology by the Nutrition - Health -Longevity cluster. The Institut Pasteur de Lille, the campus we are located on, allows Genoscreen to be in constant interaction with a network of scientific expertise and advanced technology.

Lille is at the crossroads of an active network of European cities (Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne...) and has 2 stations and an international airport. In terms of internationalization, Lille is the second French city to host international headquarters.