Topic examples


  • Theoretical training:
    • Molecular biology technologies
    • Sanger sequencing
    • Genotyping
    • Creation of database
  • Training for GeneMapper® use



  • Basic tools in Bioinformatics
  • Perl/Bioperl
  • Genotyping and transcriptomic analysis
  • Explanation and analysis of data from mass sequencing
  • metagenomics analysis


Molecular Microbiology

  • Tools for microorganism identification
  • Tools for microorganism typing & Epidemiology
  • MIRU-VNTR Training Pack
    • Theoretical aspects: typing MIRU-VNTR method principle
    • Practical aspects: training for MIRU typing kit use
    • Implementation: training for ABI sequencers calibration
    • Data import & analysis: training for GeneMapper® use
    • Data exploitation: training for MLVA Compare software use