Treatments resistance prediction


Antibiotics resistance development is a major health issue because it reducts treatments possibilities in case of infection.

Some resistances are induced by genetic mutations or the acquisition of a gene by a microorganism. The detection of those mutations or those genes allows to predict the antibiotics resistance.

Genoscreen helps you to identify genetic mutations or the genes responsible for resistance to antibiotics: we define the genetic targets to study according to the suspected resistance.


ATBs which target MO membrane

  • Beta-lactames : TEM, CTX, OXA, SHV, ...
  • Methicilline : mecA
  • Fosfomycine : fosA, fosB, fosX
  • Vancomycine : VanA/VanB

ATBs which target ribosome

  • Chloramphenicol : cat, ADNr50S
  • Fusidic acid : fusA, fusB
  • Macrolides/lincosamides/synergistines (MLS) antibiotics : ADNr 23S
  • Tetracyclines : tet
  • Aminoglycoside / Aminoside : rrs, rpsL
  • Linezolid : ADNr 23S

ATBs which bock RNA polymerase

  • Rifampicine : rpoB

ATBs which target DNA

  • Quinolone : gyrA, gyrB, parC

Specific ATBs

  • Isoniazide : promoteur inhA, katG
  • Ethamutol : embB
  • Pyrazinamide : pncA
  • TMC207 : opéron ATP


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