Microorganisms identification


Conventional microbiology methods are sometimes limited for MO identification. GenoScreen offers solutions through molecular microbiology techniques: for until species level MO identification, we invite you to target genes of interest listed in international databases to help you identify your species:


  • Bacteria (rDNA16S)
  • Yeasts and fungi (rDNA 26S, target D1/D2) rDNA 28S (LSU)
  • Cyanobacteria (rDNA 16S/23S, target PC-IGS)
  • Microalgae (rDNA 18S, target ITS1-28S)
  • Atypical mycobacterium

Classic molecular identification

> MO identification*

  • 16S rDNA (or other gene) complete sequencingwith quality-controlled IQ/OQ equipment
  • Use of international databases

*Identification to the species: identity >99% on 16S rDNA (Stackebrandt et al comitee, 2002).
Identification to the gender : identity between 97% and 99% on 16S rDNA.


Identification using specific target

GenoScreen studies your project and offers its expertise for identification using specific target.


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